It’s never too soon to start thinking about after-school activities for your child, especially with school starting in just a few weeks. At Discoverie by Vinci School in Mountain Lakes, we’re proud to provide high-quality after-school care at an affordable price. In our program, your child will have the opportunity to do a number of activities, including instructor-led karate classes designed to increase their confidence and physical fitness. Here are a few benefits you may notice when you enroll your child in our Imagine it Kidz karate program.

  • Increase in self-confidence. As your child progresses in the class, they’ll be able to see the improvements they’ve made and have the lessons they learned reinforced through their classes. This will lead to a more confident child.
  • Increase in physical activity. Rather than spending their time after school sitting in front of the TV, they’ll be moving and learning at the same time.
  • Teamwork. Your child will work with an instructor alongside other children, learning techniques and drills. These drills require teamwork and communication in order to perform them correctly.
  • Increase in focus. While any physical activity can help your child’s focus improve, karate develops their concentration and body awareness. They’ll learn to focus on each movement and each task the instructor gives them without letting their minds wander.
  • Improves coordination. Karate is a physical activity that requires balance and coordination in order to correctly perform the movements. While your child may have a hard time balancing on one leg while kicking into the air, they’ll soon get the hang of it, improving their balance and their dexterity.

If you’re looking for a great after-school daycare in Mountain Lakes, then consider enrolling your child in the Imagine it Kidz program at Discoverie by Vinci School. Each class meets twice a week and costs as little as 12 dollars. Contact us to enroll your child today.