We’re in the middle of the cold and flu season, which can be terrible for your child’s health. Sometimes it seems that your entire family is perpetually sick for the entirety of fall and winter. To help your child keep him or herself from being ill for weeks on end, here are some easy tips to follow to ensure that all of the germs your son or daughter encounters will hopefully be eradicated before they make your child sick. Read on for some ways to combat the dreaded cold and flu, and talk with us at Discoverie by Vinci School in Mountain Lakes if you have concerns about your child’s cold.

stayhealthy_blog_innerimageWash Hands

This seems almost innate, but making sure your child is washing his or her hands often is extremely important, especially before eating or drinking. While it may seem like this will not have a huge effect, it can actually stop countless illnesses in their tracks. Children often are touching their hands to their mouths, eyes, and nostrils, which makes it easy for illnesses to infiltrate their sensitive systems. Keep some hand sanitizer in your purse or car if you can’t get to a sink with soap and water, and always make it a point to remind your child to wash his or her hands before meals, after playing with friends, and after arriving home from school.

stayhealthy_blog_innerimage3Stay Active

Being active has been proven to increase blood circulation, which helps to boost infection-fighting cells. Exercise is the best way to combat any type of illness. Make it a point to exercise as a family to help everyone’s immune systems. Take a walk or run around your neighborhood, play basketball or football, or dance it out inside on cold or snowy days. Aim for 20 minutes of movement every day, and make sure to set a good example for your kiddo so that he or she will be excited to exercise with you.

stayhealthy_blog_innerimage2Sleep More

Getting plenty of sleep is another vital way to helping your child beat any illnesses or sickness. Sleep deprivation can double your son or daughter’s chances of being susceptible to contracting a cold or getting the flu. 14 to 16 hours of sleep is the recommended sleep amount of sleep for babies, and 11 to 13 hours is suggested for preschoolers. If your kiddo is starting to feel sick, then some ZZZ’s can really help him or her feel better more quickly.

Eat Well

Eating fruits and veggies can really help your son or daughter fight off the flu. Offer foods with lots of vitamins and minerals such as strawberries, oranges, and broccoli, fresh yogurt packed with probiotics, and milk, fortified cereals, and tuna, which is rich in vitamin D to your child. These foods will boost your kid’s immune system and give them a better chance of staying well.

At Discoverie by Vinci School in Mountain Lakes, we’re passionate about helping your child to learn and to give him or her the best environment to do so. Keeping our students well is extremely important to us, and we can work together to make sure everyone is feeling well and energized. With curriculums for children ranging from infant to kindergarten and small class sizes, your child will be in an amazing learning and growing setting. Interested in Discoverie by Vinci School? Call today!