At Discoverie by Vinci School in Mountain Lakes, we want to provide a daycare atmosphere where each child receives the attention they need to learn and grow every single day. With small class sizes of 10 to 14 children, no child is forgotten about or left to figure out an activity or lesson on his or her own. You may have had an experience with a daycare that didn’t limit their class sizes, and you saw how the lack of attention and interaction was negatively affecting your son or daughter. Our experienced caregivers will ensure your child experiences one-on-one interaction with both the adults and the other students in the classroom.

Looking to Others for Help

Children understand from a very young age that their parents, the first adults they truly know, are there to care for and help them when they need it. When they go to daycare for the first time, a child will look to the adults in the classroom for the same care and help. They also know that adults can administer discipline when necessary, and our staff strives to provide both nurturing and correction, based on the situation. Students will look to their fellow classmates for help, and we’re always intentional about including group activities to strengthen each child’s social skills.

If you’re searching for a daycare in Mountain Lakes that keeps class sizes small and that emphasizes positive interaction, then take the time to contact Discoverie by Vinci School today. We would love to meet you and your child, and show you how we can care for your son or daughter and help them learn and grow.