Getting your child ready for the day can be exhausting, but when it comes to a tough daycare drop-off, your day can quickly go from bad to terrible. At Discoverie by Vinci School in Springfield, we understand how a difficult drop-off can be saddening and traumatic for both the child and parent. Here are some easy tips to follow to help make mornings easier for everyone.

Allow for Plenty of Time

Rushing around in the morning makes everyone stressed out, and your child will be able to sense your tension and frustration. Instead of driving up to the door, handing your crying kiddo over, and then running back to your car, allow for a few minutes to walk him or her inside, talk to the teacher, and give some reassuring hugs. That will make everyone’s day better and help your child to adjust to the daily drop-off schedule.

Ask Your Child’s Teacher for Help

As a childcare teacher, your son or daughter’s instructor has probably seen it all and has some valuable tips to help you during daily drop-offs. Reach out and ask for some time to talk about your child with his or her teacher and ask for advice. It may be a quick fix or involve a few months of an intentional schedule, but your kiddo’s instructor can work with you to make things easier. Our certified teachers here at Discoverie by Vinci School in Springfield are highly trained and motivated to give every child who walks into their classroom the best help and instruction possible. We understand that sometimes parents need some help and encouragement, and we’re here to support you as best as we can!

Don’t Linger

As much as you may want to, lingering in your child’s classroom can actually do more harm than good. Your son or daughter may get used to the fact that you’re close by and you will feel trapped as you try to leave and your child begins to cry. To ensure that you’ll be able to leave quickly and get to work on time with no tears, make it a point to walk your child to his or her classroom, hug, high five, or give kisses, and then walk away promptly. It may be difficult the first few times but quickly your son or daughter will understand the routine and that you can’t stay with him or her. Reassuring your kiddo that you’ll be back will also help him or her to learn to be calm during the daily drop-off.

Stay Strong

Seeing your child upset can be difficult and heart-wrenching for you, but controlling your emotions can help your son or daughter learn to control his or her own. Choosing only to cry or breakdown when you’re away from the classroom can help your kiddo adjust more quickly and gain confidence. If he or she sees that you’re brave and excited for the day, it will help your child to mirror your attitude.

Discoverie by Vinci School is a wonderful place for your child to learn, grow, laugh, and make friends. We offer childcare for infants to preschool, and have amazing, certified teachers who will be thrilled to have your son or daughter in their classroom. If you’re looking for childcare in Springfield, then give us a call today! We can’t wait to meet your child!