Reading and writing is vital to your child’s success. Teaching your child to write early on will ensure that he or she will have better opportunity to excel in school and life. You can help your kiddo to learn how to write at home, and understand how he and she best learns so you can help your son or daughter to thrive in school. At Discoverie by Vinci School in Springfield, we’re dedicated to helping your child learn and grow in a fun and exciting environment. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a Top Rated Local® Childcare Center, contact us today!

Physical Learners

This form of learning is also referred to as “tactual-kinesthetic” learning. If your child learns best by doing something by him or herself, then you can explain the task you would like him or her to do, demonstrate how to do it, and then allow your son or daughter to try it. For example, if you’re writing a grocery list for your family, give him or her a piece of paper so he or she can write the list along with you. If he or she understands how to spell and the alphabet, you can spell out simple words such as “milk” or “eggs” so he or she can get the writing practice. By demonstrating writing to a physical learner, your kiddo will learn faster and quicker than by simply being shown.

Auditory Learners

A valuable skill, your son or daughter is able to listen to instructions, stories, or lectures and remember them well. Auditory learners can retain about 75 percent of what they hear. Tell your kiddo a short story and then ask him or her to write it down. This strengthens the bond between the spoken and the written word for your son or daughter. Try listening to an audio book he or she enjoys, and then ask him or her to write down their thoughts about each chapter. By learning to write down feelings and thought processes, he or she will learn to express words and emotions through writing.

Visual Learners

Writing can be difficult for visual learners, mainly because it usually takes longer for them to write down how they feel instead of simply drawing or sketching it. If you find that your kiddo is best at learning visually, have him or her draw a picture and then write a short story to describe it. Another great idea is to encourage him or her to work on a daily diary entry, complete with writing down the events and thoughts of the day and then sketching out a scene from the day to illustrate the entry. By combining both learning styles, he or she can hone his or her drawing skills and also refine writing and comprehension skills.

At Discoverie by Vinci School, we want to help your child learn in the way he or she best comprehends and understands. Whether your son or daughter is a physical, visual, or auditory learner, our experienced and patient teachers work with all of their students so that every child succeeds and thrives. Accepting infants to kindergarten, enroll your child at Discoverie by Vinci School in Springfield for an incredible and rewarding day school experience. Call us now!