teachyourkidstolovemusic-001The teachers and staff at Discoverie by Vinci School understand the importance of creative arts and music. This is why we’ve designed a curriculum that fosters your child’s appreciation for the arts at an early age. Our school is proud to offer arts and music education as part of our core curriculum as well as our Imagine It Kidz afterschool program. While we’ll do everything we can to keep your child interested in the arts throughout their academic career, there are a few things you can do at home to foster your child’s love of music.

Sing in the Car

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your kids interested in music is to listen to it and sing along to the lyrics when you’re driving around town. If your kids have a favorite musician, put their CD on and let your child sing along. If they get comfortable singing in front of you, imagine how much more confident they’ll be during a recital or performance! This single action can be enough to spark a continuing love of music in your child.

Let Them Take Lessons

Our Imagine It Kidz program is proud to offer instructor-guided piano lessons as part of our afterschool program and daycare in Springfield. When your child learns an instrument, you’ll likely start to see a boost in their self-esteem and self-confidence. Our instructors will offer constructive criticism when it’s called for, but will also provide your child with praise when it’s deserved. The encouragement your child will receive in lessons may spark an interest in other instruments and other skills, further deepening their passion for music.

Teach Them What You Know

These days, it’s becoming more common for parents to be familiar with at least one instrument. If you learned guitar when you were younger, pull your instrument out of the closet and teach them a few basic chords. Not only will your child love learning music, but they’ll also get to spend quality time with you.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Music and the arts are about self-expression. Rather than being self-conscious in front of your child, dance! Put on some upbeat tunes and bust a move like nobody’s watching. Watching you dance like crazy will encourage your kids to do the same and when they’re able to jump and twist however the music directs them, they’ll learn to appreciate a good beat. Best of all, they’ll get off the couch and away from the TV!

Take Them to Concerts

Exposing your child to live events is a great way to encourage their love of music. Since Springfield is so close to New York City, we have access to some of the best classically trained musicians in the country. Many symphonies in the area offer free holiday concerts or discounted admission for students and children. When your child gets to see the symphony live, they’ll be exposed to a wide array of instruments and might just find the one they’d love to play most.

Discoverie by Vinci School believes that arts and music are an integral part of your child’s development. Contact us today to discuss our Imagine It Kidz program or to enroll your child at the Top Rated Local® daycare in Springfield.