When you had your first child, you were ecstatic, and you spent all of your time making sure you were doing everything just right. When your second child was born, you were just as ecstatic, but you soon realized that taking care of two young ones was going to be much more demanding. At Discoverie by Vinci School in Springfield, our daycare is perfect for two-child households, and we can provide exceptional education for both of your children.

If you have one child who’s already enrolled in our daycare center, then you know that we take every child’s education, development, and safety very seriously. If your two children are close in age and you’re ready to enroll the oldest, we’ll gladly explain our curriculum and how it changes as your son or daughter progresses through each class as they get older. We make sure each child receives the individual attention they need, as well as the socialization that is key to proper growth and development. If your children are close in age, they’re used to interacting with each other, and if they’re in the same classroom, we’ll make sure they have opportunities to get to know other children and form bonds with them.

Two-child households are active and energetic, and for parents, often very tiring, but when you enroll both children at our daycare in Springfield, you’ll know that they’re receiving a quality education and the encouragement they need to learn and grow into productive and well-balanced students. You’ll be excited every time you pick them up from Discoverie by Vinci School, ready to hear about all they did and learned that day!