For many parents, picking up your child from daycare is one of the last things you do before heading home at the end of a long day. You want to hear about what they did and what they learned, but it can be hard to do that when your child isn’t ready to go when you arrive, or they refuse to settle down in the car on the way home. Having an after school routine can help your child decompress after a day in the classroom, and give you quality time together. At Discoverie by Vinci School in Springfield, we want the positive experience that every child has with us to carry over to the rest of their day.

If possible, have a snack ready in the car for the ride home. If you pick up your child in the afternoon, chances are that he or she will be hungry, and a hungry three-year-old isn’t likely to tell you about what they learned or did that day. You can prepare the same snack each day, and your child will look forward to enjoying it and talking with mom or dad on the way home. When you get home, take the time to let them put their things away, and perhaps have an activity ready to go or tell them they can go play while you get dinner ready.

Another good idea is to let your child know when there will be changes to the routine. We will make sure that your child is ready to be picked up when you arrive, but if you have to stop somewhere else before you get home, it can be beneficial to let your son or daughter know that in the morning before you take them to school. That way, you can remind them when you pick them up and avoid any tantrums when they suddenly learn that they won’t be going home right away. It can also be fun to add in little side trips to their favorite park or ice cream spot, and this lets them know that not every errand is just for mom or dad.

If you’re looking for a daycare in Springfield that can help with the transition for the school day to your after-school routine, then contact Discoverie by Vinci School today!